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0 Steven Barner

usa United States
Current Team
Scottsdale Titans

Steven Barner was born and raised in Tallahassee, Florida. Starting his basketball career in middle school, Steven continued through highschool and was a walk-on at Tallahassee Community College. Unfortunately, due to injuries, Stevens college career was cut short. Since then, Steven has moved to mutiples cities and has played in multiple competitive basketball leagues. First to Denver, Colorado (2012-2016) where his team(s) and him won the league six different times. Then to Houston, Texas (2017-2019), where his team won the league once.

Now residing in Phoenix, Arizona, Steven is ready to bring leadership, drive, determination, and competitiveness to the Scottsdale Titans this coming season. Steven is a go-getter and highly competitive with a love to win, but also a goofball when you get to know him. Stevens believes that “Life is too short so love the one you got!

Graduating form Florida State University, Steven is proud of his alma mater (GO NOLES!).When not on the court, he enjoys working out, hiking with his fiance and his 8-year-old Boxer named Stella, and just spending time with family and friends.