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Meet KT

King Titan is the most powerful creature and Titan in the lore, when he comes out, he brings joy and happiness to everyone. “KT” is his nick name and he is the most loving and friendly Lion in the jungle. KT loves his share of Hi 5’s and BIG hugs!There is not only one of KT he as a twin brother “KT” they are identical so you could easily get them mixed up.  We will call them KT1 and KT2 I am going to tell you a secret (KT1 wears a King cape and crown while KT2 loves his Titans basketball gear) Know KT2 loves to hype the audience up with his great ball handling skills and dunking skills. He is sure to shake up things, he loves to bring the audience to the floor to play around with him.KT & KT is available for personal appearances and special events. For more information on booking contact KT & KT would love to hear from their fans along with the Titans fans. After a long day in the jungle and they settle down to rest from their kingship they would love to answer their fan mail. Email Follow your favorite lovable lions on all social media platform.